The puppies have arrived!

Two litters at once feels a bit like having twins!  Our attention is in a lot of directions, but we love them all equally and are making sure they’re well taken care of.

Rizzo/Jo-Jo Litter #1:

Josephine, our newest mother here with her first litter, is already doing a fantastic job. She’s a super attentive mama.  She barely wants to leave the litter to relieve herself, begging to be let back in as soon as she’s done.  We welcomed her litter on the 1st of December and her 7 pups are doing well.

Jo-Jo has five boys and two girls.  To date, her first pick female and first, second, and third pick males are already spoken for.  Pick decisions will be happening soon and we will update the website accordingly afterwards.

Rizzo/Jezebel Litter #2:

Jezebel’s litter arrived only a few short days later, on December 5, 2018.  She was such a great mother with her first litter that we expected no differently this time around.  She is not disappointing us and has 7 chubby, healthy pups.

Her litter (3 boys / 4 girls) also includes 2 white and red parties in addition to our standard red pups.  The first female pick of this litter is already spoken for.

Be sure to check back in next week as we’re hoping to have individual pictures up of the pups.  Their little personalities are just starting to show up as they begin to move and play and continue to grow.  What an exciting time here!