Available Puppies

Current Puppies

We currently have 0 (0 girls / 0 boys) standard poodle puppies available (standard or red).

Each of our standard red or phantom poodle puppies are for sale with full or limited AKC registration.

Contact Us to reserve your pick of the litter (1/3 of purchase price).

Limited registration: $1500

Full registration: $2200

Read more about our poodle parents here.

Born September 18, 2021

  • Blue (Boy 1) – Reserved
  • Bright Green (Girl 1) – Reserved
  • Green (Girl 2) – Reserved
  • Cream (Girl 3) – Available
  • Silver (Girl 4) – Reserved

Blue (Boy 1) – Reserved


Bright Green (Girl 1) – Reserved


Green (Girl 2) – Reserved

Light phantom

Cream (Girl 3) – Reserved


Silver (Girl 4) – Reserved


Past Puppies

Visit our About the Poodle Puppies page.

There you can see photos of pups from our past litters. We also occasionally update the page with current pictures from the Rondie’s Reds Extended Family Facebook Page.

Future Puppies

Next litter: Summer 2022

I don’t always breed every time my females come into heat to allow some time for rest and recovery. We should have puppies again Summer 2022.