Rizzo/Jezebel Litter #1

Born May 24, 2017

  • Clifford (boy 1) – 100% dark red
  • Charlie (boy 2) – medium red with white spots on chest and feet
  • Rizzi (boy 3) – medium red with white spot on chest
  • Duke (boy 4) – light red with white spots on chest and feet
  • Zeus (boy 5) – white and red parti
  • Luna (girl 1) – dark red with white on chest and feet
  • Stella (girl 2) – dark red with one white toe
  • Penelope (girl 3) – 100% dark red
  • Charly (girl 4) – 100% dark red
  • Canela (girl 5) – 100% dark red

Clifford (boy 1)

Our biggest puppy, appropriately named!

Pup Mom: Dawn from the Poodle Farm / Insta: #cliffordthebigredpoodle

Charlie (Boy 2)

My son may have wanted to keep this boy (and name him Winston), but we’re super excited to see him grow into his new name and family.

Rizzi (Boy 3)

Rizzi is still just as cute as ever.  Rizzo is an Italian name for curly and Rizzi would be the son of Rizzo; how could a name be more perfect for this curly pup?!

Pup mom: Susan

Duke (Boy 4)

Duke won us over with his adorable white paws.  His new family loves him so much that he has his own Instagram.

Insta: @chill_boy_duke

Zeus (Boy 5)

Zeus, with his unique coloring, is only getting cuter as he gets older.  He’s also being trained as a service dog.

Luna (Girl 1)

Lovely Luna is adorable with her new humans.

Pup mom: Candance / Insta: #lovelylunagirl

Stella (Girl 2)

Stella is just as beautiful now as she was when she was tiny!

Pup Dad: Kyle

Penelope (Girl 3)

Penelope is settling in to life with her new family, including a new sibling!

Pup Mom: Susan

Charly (Girl 4)

Charly was small to begin with, but she had the biggest heart!

Canela (Girl 5)

I was super excited when my daughter and son-in-law chose this sweet girl so that she gets to stay in the family!  If you check out any of our social media, her face is sure to be all over it.

Pup Mom & Dad: Emily & Andrew / Insta: @eallennilsen