Announcement Part 2: Jo-Jo is expecting!

Introducing Josephine (Jo-Jo) and the newest mamma-to-be here at Rondie’s Reds! That’s right; this smart and beautiful girl is also expecting!

As she’s just a couple days behind Jezebel, we’ll have this second litter available around December 4th. While not originally planning to breed her until this summer, Rizzo had other plans. 😂 Good thing we live on a family farm and have room for two litters at once. We can’t wait to see how Jo-Jo does as a mother and to start the process of finding the right homes for her pups.

Better Later than Never; next Puppies Winter 2018

I do not breed every time my females come into heat to allow some time for rest and recovery.  And this last time, it seems that nature had other plans.  We thought we’d bred to have to have another Rizzo/Jezebel litter this summer, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until Winter 2018 for those adorable red pups.  Everything in it’s own time.

You can still Contact Us today to reserve a pick of the next litter.  (Reservations for Summer 2018 will be honored first with the Winter 2018 litter.)

Bittersweet day

It’s a happy, yet bittersweet day at Rondie’s Reds: our last puppy has found his new home! We’ve loved taking care of these 10 adorable pups for the last 10 weeks and will miss them terribly. I hope that their new owners will send us lots of updates and tag #rondiesreds on pictures! Our next anticipated litter is Summer/Fall of 2018.

Saving the Best for Last

“They say you save the best for last. And while I don’t know who they are, I think they’re on to something and I hope they’re coming to get me!”

We only have one puppy left – adorable Boy 4! He’s smart, passed our temperament tests with flying colors, and has the cutest white paws.  Contact us today for pricing and more information.