Available Puppies

Each of our standard red poodle puppies are for sale with full or limited AKC registration.

Current Puppies

We’re excited to announce that our next litters of puppies will arrive this December!  Both Jezebel and Jo-Jo are expecting we will update this page with beautiful puppy pictures as soon as the little ones have arrived.

$1200 limited AKC registration
$1500 full AKC registration

Contact Us today to reserve your pick of the litter.

Rizzo/Jezebel Litter #2 – Due December 1st, 2018

Jezebel's expecting!

Mamma Jezebel was fantastic with her first litter, and we expect the same great care this time around.  She may have tricked us with her last heat (hence thinking we were going to have puppies this past summer), but this time she’s ready to go.

Rizzo/Jo-Jo Litter #1 – Due December 4th, 2018


Miss Josephine was not originally scheduled for puppies this go around, but Rizzo had other ideas.  Thank goodness we love puppies and live on a farm with room for two litters at a time!

Past Puppies

Visit our About the Poodle Puppies page.

There you can see for yourself what our past litters looked like.  We also update it periodically as we get new pictures from our Rondie’s Reds Extended Family.


Future Puppies

Next litter: Winter 2019

I do not breed every time my females come into heat to allow some time for rest and recovery.   We should have puppies again Winter 2019.