The Parents

Josephine (Jo-Jo)


AKC Registered
Weight: 55 lbs.

Josephine (Jo-Jo) took instantly to motherhood.  As she likes to sit right with me on the couch as I drink my morning coffee, she’s kind of a mamma’s girl herself. In addition to being super sweet, her intelligence also stands out.  Her pups are affectionate as well as smart. #jojomama

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Standing at stud: Rio

AKC Registered
Weight: __lbs.

Rio is from one of our first litters (Rizzo-Jezebel). That white and red parti pup has grown into his beautiful coloring and personality. We’re excited to continue some of our past bloodlines through him as a stud for one litter with Jo-Jo.

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The following puppy parents are retired and will have no more litters, but you’ll see their name referenced for past litters.



AKC Registered
Weight: 65 lbs.

Rizzo is the sire of our first 5 litters and is now a grandsire as we shift our breeding and give some of our older poodles a rest.  He’s always been full of energy and fun, but responded well to training and commands.  You can see how dark red he is, and his pups and grand-pups are just as gorgeous.  #rizzobryantrussell

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AKC Registered
Weight: 50 lbs.

Jezebel is a 5 year-old faded red standard poodle.  While she’s gotten lighter with age, she has more dark red in her pedigree than would be expected and therefore we had great success with getting red pups.  Super calm and loyal, she’s a fantastic mother and companion. She may be retired from breeding now, but she still brings us so much joy. #mamajezebel

Health testing completed through Paw Print Genetics.